everrrybody calls me by my whole name, living the college life making the best of it :)

23rd September 2011

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23rd September 2011

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When you're on your period...

  • Uterus: I hope you didn't like those underwear.
  • Stomach: EAT ALL THE THINGS!
  • Emotions: I don't care that you were crying your eyes out ten minutes ago, that was fucking funny. Now go act like you're high until I see something that pisses me the fuck off.
  • Uterus: Also I've decided to act like something's constantly punching me. I hope you don't mind.
  • Me: why

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23rd September 2011

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28th August 2011

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Follow this blog, you will love it on your dashboard


Follow this blog, you will love it on your dashboard

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27th August 2011

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27th August 2011

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In Memory of Brittany Nicole Haber

None of this is fair. You should still be here with us.

We miss you, we love you.

We’ll always remember your beautiful smile. 

This isn’t as great as Ronnie’s version was tonight, but it’ll have to do. It fit so well.

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27th August 2011

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so accurate

perks of being a girl

  • I can think about whatever I want in class without worrying about boners

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27th August 2011

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27th August 2011



when you’re trying so hard to just be happy like your normal self, but all you can think about is being sad. And you can’t figure out why.
And you look on the bright side of things which usually gets you through…but for some reason it just isn’t work.
 And you know its okay to be down in the dumps for no reason every once in awhile, and you realize today is that once in awhile.

But still you just want to be happy. You hate being the one whose just sitting there not smiling..and you’re running on E because its been a weird long week and haven’t got much sleep, so you try to blame it on that.

But then somewhere deep inside you know thats not the total reason. But you can’t quite put your finger on it.
And you know you normally just keep it to yourself if youre feeling down for no reason, and just force yourself to be happy. But then these rare times come up where you’re so low you can’t even push yourself out of it. And you then realize these rare times are becoming less rare.

But then you remember who you are, and your personality. And you know in a couple days, everything will be perfect again.

And thats when you know everything will be okay.

26th August 2011

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